Thursday, January 15, 2015


I will start a new series on this blog about my listography book that I received from a friend during my birthday last year. I've just briefly scanned the pages and I plan to be spontaneous about making the lists so there is a bit of surprise to myself, as well :) I think it is something fun to do!

by Lisa Nola

The first is a list of the cities I want to visit. So here goes:
1. Paris

2. London

3. Rome

These are the 3 I really want to visit. They are like the major cities in the world so I want to see them :) I am simple! I have been to New York so I have kind of started this list, already. So surely there will be more that I can add but I want to focus on these 3 for now :) The other cities will probably be just bonuses ;)

And by the way, more than the famous landmarks, I especially want to visit the charming streets, art museums, and the cafes!

to be lost in streets like this (Eguisheim village in Northeastern, France)

to bike or to walk and waste time at cafes
ahh, to see a real Monet or Renoir ...

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