Wednesday, January 7, 2015

37 hangers

Hello! I am back to blogging again. It seems to be my normal to be in and out of  blogosphere but as long as I come back, I think it is ok.
So anyway, lots have happened, both good and bad. But the most important thing is God has given us the blessing to continue with life and make it better with His grace.
I was planning to make another blog, thus the title 37 hangers, which would have been my 7th blog but really?! So I thought why just not continue this one and then transfer my posts from the other blogs. I have to figure out how to do that, though.
I won't be writing long but my goals was to write one post at least once a week. I have lots of ideas to write about so I'm quite excited!
By the way, I went to 1st Wednesday novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help and the priest's homily was really good. He said that every person matters, so therefore we should always take time to help them. Like St. Andrea, he said that even in our simplicity we can be of service to others.
The priest also talked about Jesus' manifestation to the apostles when He walked on the water. He said that Jesus did that to show the apostles that in the turbulence of the waves (life), He is there but that they did not  recognize Him at first. This really touched me because God has revealed to me that He is with me in what I am going through and that I should not fear because He is with me for all eternity.
I was gonna share a family picture but I don't know how, anymore. Oh well...until the next post! :)

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