Monday, June 20, 2011

A Week of Blessings

Today I am grateful my internet is working again, so that means I can go back to blogging. It seemed like there was some kind of virus/spyware/trojan/worm that infected my Mozilla Firefox. But when I opened it again today, I was able to open the yahoo page without any problem. It has been a blessing filled week, indeed! The nights when I couldn't go online, I spent more time reading.
To give a recap about my week, first my parents arrived safely from their tour around Cebu. During this vacation, they met a couple who used to belong to their household group in CFC. They were willing to go to another trip with my parents to HongKong/Macau. I'm excited for my parents going on holidays. I believe they deserve to just relax and travel. Second, I received a call from my boss telling me about a raise (Yeyy!) and if I was willing to try Home Health Therapy. I will still be staying in Douglas, so no hassle in having to pack up and leave. Third, me and my colleagues also watched Super 8. It wasn't really worth watching :/. We have also been going out for lunches, quite expensive but it's good bonding time. Then on Friday, I attended a play from a friend's church entitled Uncle Phil's Diner, where they served burgers and coke floats, with kids playing 50's music. It was fun! On Saturday, I went to the library to borrow books. Do you know that I pray to God to lead me to the right books? :) And it never fails, I always find a book that speaks to me. Then on Sunday after mass, I went to listen to a speaker talk about becoming like Jesus. And guess what book I got from the library? It was a Max Lucado book entitled Just Like Jesus! Then Sunday afternoon a friend called me and invited me to her baby shower next weekend. I'm so excited to go! And of course, Sunday was also Father's Day! I talked to my parents on the phone and greeted my Tatay, the greatest father in the world! It was truly a blessing filled week!

Me and Tatay during my visit to Phils 2009

Tatay on his 75th birthday

"As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him." - Psalms 103:13

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